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Selected Documentation / Archive

Mespaethces Creek Dynamic Listening Installation Series

"Fountain" Sound Tool

Ruin @ The Philadelphia Museum of Art

Precipitation Sound Absorbers

Hugging Down a Hill Tour
Come Unglued Tour

"Everything Must Go!" at ISSUE Project Room

Spiralic Time @ Superplay

Newtown Creek Dynamic Listening Demo

Less Than Three Album, Quilt, Video album, remix album

LTT Angel Stuffies

"Simple as a Sunset" (album site)

"Rise" with Kyle Marshal Choreography

"Ferrule" Sound Dance with Kate Williams

Pre-York River Blankies (Blanket collection interactive sound installation)

Pre-York River: Brooklyn, Newtown Creek, Pipe Map (in progress)

"Plastic Flag" (album site)

Pre-york Video Note #1

Blossom Sustainable Development Canoe Trip on the Shinnecock Reservation interactive Sound Map (in progress)

One Landscape East End interactive Sound Map (in progress)

MONTH (Music Video)

DC Unseen MOBILE version (interactive webpage)

Three-Body Problem (performance) (sound)

Pre-York River: Haverstraw (Installation + Sculpture)

Plastic Sound (Performance)

Place Accumulation: Kingston/Ulster

The Dynamic Listening Instrument set for Governor's Island

What Lies Upstream?

The Video Voting Machine

Cassette Traveler (Video Album)

Anthroapologetic Sketch #2 for the Dynamic Listening Instrument
Field (dance/sound)
Exploration (dance/sound)

Depict a Part of Somewhere!

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