photos by Ezra Comfort and Ana Astudillo
Cal is a cross disciplinary artist and teacher who currently works and lives in Brooklyn after growing up in Sea Cliff NY 
    and studying at Bard in the Hudson Valley. Their work is multi-modal and immersive, often employing interactive sound tools with 
    soft and social sculpture. Cal has performed and shared work all over North America and in parts of Europe and often organizes events in New York.
    Recent projects have focused on making connections between ecologies, public spaces, and empathy audible via collaboration and 
    public installation. They currently work in collaboration with Kyle Marshal Choreography and are the resident artist  and 
    co-manager at The Living Gallery where they make and sell custom clothing and help host events and a food pantry/friendly fridge. 



Some of their inspirations include... Ximena Cuevas Ant Farm Ana Halprin Lawrence Halprin Arthur Russel Elizabeth Fraser Alexandra Ocasio Cortez Michael Rakowitz Brandon Labelle Jennifer Odelle Seth Price David Graber Ray Eames Charles Eames Kali Rubaii Yugo Export Terra Thaemlitz Frank/ie Consent Kwami Winfield Lucia Arias Christian Billard Lily Lasher Sarah Bastacky Kyle Wainwright The Cradle Lily Konigsberg Matt Norman Nyssa Frank Avenue P Blockparty Kate Williams