Three Body Problem. Dance, Sound, Costumes, Sculpture
  Performed at The Living Gallery, Brooklyn, January 5th, 2020, and at Outpost Artist Resource, January 8th, 2020.

THREE-BODY PROBLEM: Analogues in Wave and Motion

"In the study of physics, the Three-Body Problem represents a canonical 
exercise in determining the relative velocity and interaction between multiple
 bodies in motion. Unlike similar studies of two or fewer objects, 
 understanding the complexities of these interactions requires a dynamic 
 negotiation between several interrelated systems. 

 This concert presents three new works of integrated sound-and-motion that 
consider relationships between physical bodies and technologically mediated experience. 

Each composer has created, programmed, or hacked a custom 
electronic device or system that imposes a specific set of rules for performer 
embodiment. As artists working with the medium of instrument, Anastasia 
Clarke, Cal Fish, and Matthew Gantt trade in design virtues of efficiency, 
legibility, and generalization for tools that ask for idiosyncratic 
interactions in order to activate their potentials for artistic expression and intervention."

For this performance a dance score was produced in collaboration with Jade Castillo and Sam Hafferty. 
Jade and Cal toil between repeating kinesthetic gestures and bursts of motion and fatique while Sam sets 
a lopsided tempo and processess loops in real time. 
A score created by Jade and Cal is accessed by a sewn plastic handbag and buckets from previous projects. 
A collage of performed and found sounds offer a sonic painting of New York City from October 2019-January 2020.

Enjoy these loops and stills from a performance at Outpost Artist Resource. Ridgewood NYC