Clothing ! Wearable Sculpture ! Soft Friends !

Cal has been regularly producing and selling clothing in series which are listed below.
Pieces can be viewed, bought, and commissioned at performances, Cal's studio, events,
or through this website! All prieces are priced on sliding scales.

Custom pieces and unique editions of older pieces can be commissioned on request!!!

email or text 516-491-9983

You can also view pieces, message, and follow updates on the cazet_travela Instagram.


GOALS pieces each hold an aspirational embroidered piece of
text. A goal is inscribed into your soft shell so as to aid
the embodiment of that goal in yourself and all who see it!
These goals have fun with word play can often be interpreted
in different ways. These goals are often on Cal's or a larger
community's surface at the time of sewing.

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All of the softies in END TRAFFIC come in simultaneous
allure of and disdain for cars, motor vehicles, and
industrial machinery. It's not just sitting in traffic,
the gas guzzling, and greed drivenbusiness monopolies
that call for this serious. These sweaters point at the
desire for a physical and mental architecture free of
mandatory zipping pace, imminent danger and stress,
fossil fuel consumption, and all privatized transport.
Also, these pieces usually have nice pictures of cars
that Cal draws.

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These wearable pieces come from observations and celebrations
of the Hudson River, the celebration of life in the area known
as the Hudson Valley, and the imagination of this place before
Henry Hudson's existence or in a timeline where his legacy neither
centered nor legitimate.

View the Pre-York River archive here...


The mathematical and emoji symbol for hearts, loves, and goodbyes.
Less Than Three clothing is made to accompany an in progress
musical album by Cal started in April 2020. A collision of the
Covid-19 pandemic, meditative sonic space, desire for dance and
pop tunes, with the collaboration and contemplation of loved ones.

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Look Blue Go Purple, an rainy day aspiration, the deepest most
soothing color pallette, an all woman psych rock band from
New Zealend active from 1983-1987.

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Water! In demand in scarcity in drought in pools on lawns in
bodies on cheeks in monopoly in plastic bottles in reusable
bottles all over my shirt in sonic space on your bottom lip
washing vetables washing dog poop from your shoe coming down
in buckets on forest fires in cactus camels on mars evaporating

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These are too allow the wearer and community to continually
inspire and priorize staying in good health through physical
and mental exscerize, diet, and routine. This serious came from
Cal's extreme desire to get un-sick, stay healthy, and integrate
a daily routine beneficial to health.

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Questions asked by Cal, submitted by others, and continually
asked by pieces of clothing to be worn in the world.

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