For the 2019 Haverstraw Riverside Arts Festival Cal was invited to create an interactive and community accesible installation 
 on the banks of the Hudson River informed by the landscape and history of Haverstraw NY.

Three large quilts were made by Cal and many pillows resembling amorphous animals and bricks were constructed in collaboration with 
Cynthia Chang and Kyle Wainwright. At the festival community members and visitors were invited to lounge and listen via the soft 
sculptures. Each quilt contained an electromagnetic field holding a unique soundtrack and could be accessed by pillows and buckets 
with speakers and electromagnetic recievers inside. Sounds included history on the town's destructive follies and local animal sounds.

Today the town of Haverstraw is marked by quarries and a waterfront scattered with molten bricks. Before European colonization 
	the area was inhabited by the Rumanchenank, a Lenape people whose communities spanned throughout the Palisades in New York and 
	New Jersey. Settlers reffered to the people living in the area as "Haverstroo" after Oat Straw which grew along the river. 
	Since, the land it has been ceaselessly torn up and mined. Haverstraw is currently home to Tilcon Quarry and the Bowline Powerplant. 
	Formerly known as "Bricktown", Haverstraw produced countless bricks for buildings in New York City after much of the city was destroyed 
	by fires in the 1830s. in 1906 excessive mining caused a large mine to collapse in a landslide after which much of the town burnt and 
	left the many molten bricks which still line its shores today. Afterwards the town was rebuilt and mining and brickmaking continued.
	 Today vibrations, dust, and noise continue from Tilcon quarries as High Tor Mountain is slowly chipped away.


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