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"Fountain" Sound Tool


Less Than Three (2022)

LTT Memory Massage (2022)

Simple as a Sunset (2021)

Plastic Flag (2019)
Plastic Flag

Sound States for Myssi (2019)
sound states

Cassette Traveler (2017)



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Musical Performance List (incomplete)

1/03/24 Brooklyn NY @ Hart Bar w/ irisipsum, akafae


12/29/23 Queens NY @ 30 Kosciuszko st w/ miniheartsbeating, Conforhouse, moonlig wings
12/18/23 Queens NY @ Stone Circle Theater w/ DreamTX, Multiple People
12/10/23 Atlanta GA @ Railroad Earth w/ Leather Projection
12/02/23 Brooklyn NY @ Hart Bar w/ Beetsblog
11/28/23 Brooklyn NY @ Light and Sound Design w/ Yuka Honda, Kwami Winfield, Chai
11/19/23 Queens NY @ Stop Cop City Benefit at Trans Pecos w/ Tricylce, Skin Kittenz, Haitlin, Blackbery Knuckleduster
11/16/23 Brooklyn NY @ Sound Push at Living Galery w/ 05elantra
11/08-12/23 Manhattan NY @ The Joyce Theater w/ Kyle Marshal Choreography
10/26/23 Brooklyn NY @ Living Gallery w/ Jumplink, Misty Xelibri, Foil, Ximal
10/17/23 Brooklyn NY @ Purgatory with SoLow, Tiefling, Dj Soulseeker
10/08/23 Catskill NY @ the Avalon Lounge w/ Pudding Club
10/07/23 Brooklyn NY @ Kingsland Wildflowers Greenroof w/ Pudding Club
9/03/23 Queens NY @ Trans Pecos 10 Year Anniversary w/ Dreamcrusher, Cities Aviv, C Spencer Yeh + more
8/13/23 Brooklyn NY @ Greenpoint Hand-made
8/11/23 Brooklyn NY @ Purgatory
8/05/23 Brooklyn @ Elsewhere w/ @, Nina Ryser
7/20/23 Brooklyn @ Rubulaud w/ Andy Loebs, Hi I'm Home, Soul Chatter, DEWEY.nothing
7/08/23 Brooklyn @ Greene ave
7/02/23 Brooklyn @ Sound Push at Living Gallery w/ Iris Ipsum
6/29/23 Manhattan @ Issue Project Room + Tompkins Park w/ More Eaze
6/27/23 Brooklyn @ Chaos Computer <3

Hugging Down a Hill Foreshadow Tour
6/25/23 Brooklyn NY @ Living Gallery w/ Leather Projection, Saturn Lavender
6/24/23 Philadelphia @ Sound Museum Collective w/ Leather Projection, Saturn Lavender, Shouldies, Nestor
6/22/23 Chicago @ Hidden Ideas w/ Leather Projection, Saturn Lavender
6/21/23 Chicago @ Clark Park w/ Leather Projection, Saturn Lavender
6/19/23 Kansas City @ Farewell w/ Leather Projection
6/18/23 Denver CO @ D3
6/17/23 Mooab Utah @ 86 w/ Leather Projection, Josie Loner
6/14/23 Sacramemto CA @ Granite Skate Park w/ Leather Projection
6/13/23 Oakland CA @ Beauty Supply Arts w/ Leather Projection
6/10/23 San Fransisco @ Adobe Books w/ Leather Projection
6/08/23 Los Angeles @ Junior High
6/04/23 Los Angeles @ Woodley Park w/ Leather Projection, Palacio Palace
6/02/23 Los Angeles CA @ Non Plus Ultra
6/01/23 San Diego @ PnkHaus w/ Leather Projection
5/26/23 New Orleans @ Mudlark Theater w/ Leather Projection, Dr True Love, Itchykisses, Goddess Complex
5/21/23 Asheville NC @ Static Age Loft
5/19/23 Baltimore @ The Compound w/ Windowseeker

5/06/23 Ithaca NY @ Redbud

4/30/23 Hudson NY @ Spotty Dog w/ Misty222
4/29/23 Kingston NY @ Sonder w/ Misty222
4/27/23 Brooklyn @ Chaos Computer
4/20/23 Brooklyn @ The Living Gallery
4/17/23 Manhattan @ Judson Church (*accompaniment for Cayleen Rosario)
4/14/23 Brooklyn @ The Broadway w/ ruth in bardo
4/11/23 Brooklyn @ The Broadway w/ Sword II, Slic
4/08/23 Brooklyn @ Williamsburg House
4/05/23 Brooklyn @ Chaos Computer (*DJLamby88)
3/30/23 Manhattan @ King's Leap w/ Pudding Club

Come Unglued Tour w/ Saturn Lavender x Frank/ie Consent
2/28/23 Brooklyn @ The Living Gallery
2/25/23 Baltimore @ The Parlour
2/24/23 Durham NC @ Perfect Lovers
2/23/23 Asheville NC @ Different World
2/22/23 Atlanta GA @ Weelaunee People's Park
2/20/23 Birmingham AL @ The Firehouse
2/15/23 New Orleans @ the Rume Gallery
2/13/23 Asheville NC @ Static Age Records
2/12/23 Charleston SC @ Big Blade Press
2/11/23 Richmond VA @ OSB Space
2/10/23 Philadelphia @ Vox Populi
2/08/23 Brooklyn @ Chaos Computer
Come Unglued Tour w/ Saturn Lavender x Frank/ie Consent

1/28/23 Brooklyn @ Irrelevant Art Space
1/13/23 Desert Hot Springs California @ Superplay
1/11/23 Los Angeles @LA river
1/03/23 Brooklyn @ Purgatory


11/23/22 Brooklyn @Chaos Computer duo(Starloop)
11/21/22 Brooklyn @Living Gallery w/ Sunk Heaven, Mere of Light, Apologist
11/14/22 Brooklyn @Living Gallery w/ Misty222, Aferlife.Online, Saturn Lavender

11/06/22 Berlin @ Cittipunkt
11/04/22 Paris @ Le Zorba
10/29/22 Athens Greece @ Communitism

10/07/22 Philadelphia @ Vox Populi
10/06/22 Brooklyn @ Living Gallery
10/04/2022 Ridgewood @Purgatory
9/24/2022 Ridgewood NY @The Windjammer
9/11/2022 Brooklyn @ Prospect Park
9/9/2022 Brooklyn @ Trash Bridge w/ Godboat, Amulet, Emme
9/1/2022 Brooklyn @ the Broadway w/ Like a Doll, Castlepasture

8/21 Brooklyn @ Living Gallery w/ No Eyes, COD3, Itchykisses, Safiyah
8/17/2022 Brooklyn @ 411 Kent w/ keiko uienishi, many many girls, sam newsome,
8/01/2022 Brooklyn @ Living Gallery w/ Dorothy Carlos, Frank/ie Consent, Paradise Twin

7/30/2022 Manhattan @ Bowery Union w/ Straw Pipes, Alice Cohen
7/22/2022 Berlin GER @ Culterimgallery
7/20/2022 Berlin GER @ Tennis Bar w/ Cybermission, Aeriform, Xenia Reaper

6/26/2022 Brooklyn @ Chaos Computer w/ Poncili Creacion, frank/ie consent, Lulannie, DJ Minibeats
6/21/2022 Ridgewood Queens @ Trans Pecos
6/18/2022 Chapel Hill NC @ Nightlight
6/15/2022 Brooklyn @ Living Gallery
6/4/2022 Brooklyn @ Chaos Computer (Album Release)

5/29/2022 Brooklyn @ Living Gallery w/ Xen Model, Josie Bettman
5/15/2022 Brooklyn @ Living Gallery

5/1/22 Bard College w/Lorraine James , Annihil, turtlenecked

4/25/22 Brooklyn @ The Living Gallery
4/24/22 Brooklyn @ Catfarm
4/14/22 Brooklyn @ Chaos Computer w/ Dr True Love, Water from your eyes,
4/3/22 Baltimore @ Hampden Skatepark w/ BLK VAPOR
4/2/22 Harrisonburg VA @ MACROCK
4/1/22 Philadelphia at Bartrum's Garden

3/16/22 NYC @ Pianos w/ Sequoyah Murray
3/15/22 Brooklyn @ Baby's All Right w/ Oberhofer
3/1/22 Manhattan @ Canal St Research Association w/ Evicshen, Charmaine Lee, SSS, Many Many Girls
2/18/22 Brooklyn @ Everyone's Friend
2/4/22 Brooklyn @ The Sultan Room


Telechrome Cloth tour with Itchykisses
12/19/21 Pittsburgh @ Eden
12/18/21 Detroit @ Humber House
12/17/21 Chicago @
12/16/21 Milwaukee @ Jazz Gallery
12/14/21 Minneapolis MN
12/13/21 Rapid City SD @ the Cave
12/12/21 Missoula MO @ Zootown Community Arts
12/11/21 Missoula MO @ the Furnace
12/10/21 Portland OR @ Paint Store
12/8/21 Reno NV @the Holland Project
12/7/21 Oakland CA @ Crockpot
12/4/21 Los Angeles @ Nicki's w/ Xen Model, Mas Guerrero
12/2/21 Phoenix AZ @ Ronnie's
11/30/21 Santa Fe @ the Cave
11/28/21 Denton TX @ the farmacy
11/27/21 Austin TX @ 21st st co-op
11/24/21 New Orleans @ Sidney's Saloon
11/21/21 Nashville TN @ Darkmatter
11/20/21 Atlanta @ South Bend Commons
11/18/21 Asheville NC @ Static age records
11/17/21 Chapel Hill NC @ the Nightlight
11/16/21 Richmond VA @Lot
11/15/21 Baltimore MD @ Copy Cat w/ Period Bomb
11/14/21 Philadelphia PA @Piss Palace w/ QQQ
11/13/21 Greenfield MA @ 10.Forward w/ Lucy
11/12/21 Boston MA @ Trendy Shit Town
Telechrome Cloth tour with Itchykisses

10/17/21 Brooklyn NY @ Gina's on Ellery Community Garden with boiled wool, watergh0st, anihil, bulk bin
10/09/21 Queens NY @LIC w/ Agentwolfie, poutyface
10/6/21 Brooklyn @ Our Wicked Lady w/ May Rio
9/26/21 Philadelphia @ Baby Gap w/ pumpfake, Ruth in the Bardo
9/25/21 Philadelphia @ Fringe Arts w/ Kyle Marshal Choreography
9/18/21 Red Hook NY @ Norton w/Existence Decay, Worm
9/12/21 Brooklyn NY @ Gina's on Ellery Community Garden with Kate Williams
9/10/21 Brooklyn NY @ Living Gallery w/ Alice Gas, Grout, Numbers, Grooming, Itchykisses
9/7/21 Brooklyn NY @ The People's Garden
8/26/21 Brooklyn NY @ Lagoon NY w/ Din Ra, itchykisses
8/15/21 Rockaway NY @Edgemere Farm
8/12/21 Brooklyn NY @ Blue Park w/ Ani Avery Block, Matt Norman
7/6/21 Brooklyn NY @ Living Gallery w/ Kwami, the Cradle, Tony Tulips
7/5/21 Philadelphia @ Gray's Ferry Skatepark w/ Itchykisses
6/28/21 Brooklyn NY @ Misty's w/ Daeva, Sw0rdes, Misty222
6/26/21 Manhattan NY @ The Shed with Kyle Marchal Choreography
6/5/21 Queens NY @ Kosciusko Bridge/Newtown Creek, emo rave
5/9/21 Brooklyn NY @ H0l0 Backyard w/ Pushpin, Misty222, Dean Cercone, Darkrose
4/14/21 Brooklyn NY @ Living Gallery, Video Commission set for Beloit College


10/17/20 Brooklyn NY @Prospect Park w/ Frank/ie Consent, Holy People, Lorretta Aberdeen
3/27/20 Livestream @Post World Radio
3/6/20 Brooklyn NY @International Sanitation Facility
2/21/20 Brooklyn NY @Mckibben Lofts
2/20/20 Brooklyn NY @Living Gallery
2/15/20 Brooklyn NY @Trevorshaus
2/14/20 Manhattan NY @Babycastles
1/9/20 Queens NY @ Outpost Artist Resource
1/5/20 Brooklyn NY @Living Gallery w/Nina Ryser, Gwen Knapp


12/31/19 Brooklyn NY @Flowers For All Occasions
11/24/19 Brooklyn @Bohemian Grove w/Old Table, Florry, Neuter, Moon of Teeth
11/23/19 Philadelphia PA @Star Shack w/ DATA, Moon of Teeth, Robot Future
11/16/19 Brooklyn @Trevorshaus w/ Boiled Wool,
11/06/19 Brooklyn @Windjammer
10/27/19 Philadelphia PA @Haus of Yarga w/ Itchykisses, Big Spit, Ceiba
9/20/19 Brooklyn @Living Gallery w/ Dean Cercone, Kate Mohanty
9/6/19 Philadephia @West Kensington Ministry w/ QQQ, Jason Calhoun
9/1/19 Brooklyn* @Rubulaud w/ Red Sea, Luxe…
8/17/19 Queens @H0l0 w/Frank/ie Consent, Otto B…
8/4/19 Prattsville NY @Prattsville Art Center w/ Screaming Females, Frank/ie Consent…
8/3/19 Boston @Trixie’s Palace w/ Frank/ie Consent, Healers…
8/2/19 Brooklyn @The Glove
7/26/19 Brooklyn @217 Dodge w/ Zuzia, Laszlo Horvath,

6/23/19 Brooklyn @Living Gallery w/Lustsick Puppy, Los Muchachos Demonios, Suki Sekula
7/21/19 Buffalo NY @Raqs Solidarity
7/19/19 Hamtramck MI @Shack
7/18/19 Ypsilanti MI @Ziggy’s
7/17/19 Chicago @Happy Gallery w/ Henry Hanky, Tenci
7/16/19 Kirksville MO @Aquadome
7/15/19 Kansas City MO @Farewell Transmission
7/14/19 Boulder CO @Boulder Fight Club
7/12/19 Salt Lake City @Build a Bear w/ Frank/ie Consent
7/11/19 Missoula MT @Clyde Coffee w/ Frank/ie Consent
7/7/19 Vancouver BC @Red Gate w/ Frank/ie Consent
7/6/19 Whidbey Island WA @Machine Shop w/ Frank/ie Consent
6/29/19 Portland OR @Basement w/ Frank/ie Consent
6/26/19 Portland OR @Marrow w/ Frank/ie Consent
6/22/19 Oakland CA @Eggtooth w/ Frank/ie Consent, James Wavey, Infinite Neck
6/20/19 Los Angeles @Non-Plus Ultra w/ Frank/ie Consent, Humors, Babehoven
6/19/19 Los Angeles @All Star Lanes w/ Frank/ie Consent, Humors, Nadoyel
6/18/19 San Diego CA @Swish Projects w/ Frank/ie Consent, Digi Girl
6/17/19 Tempe AZ @Big Surf w/ Frank/ie Consent, Tide Pools,
6/16/19 El Paso TX @Nature House w/ Frank/ie Consent
6/15/19 Dallas TX @Pride w/ Frank/ie Consent, Freud Ranger
6/14/19 Denton TX @Mustard Zone w/ Frank/ie Consent, Alice Gas
6/13/19 Austin TX @Backyard w/ Frank/ie Consent
6/12/19 Houston TX @SpaceHL w/ Frank/ie Consent, DOULA
6/11/19 New Orleans @Poor Boys w/ Frank/ie Consent,
6/8/19 Atlanta GA @The Bakery w/ Frank/ie Consent, Fit of Body
6/7/19 Athens GA @Bombs Away w/ Frank/ie Consent
6/6/19 Savannah GA @CIVVIES w/ Frank/ie Consent
6/5/19 Raleigh NC @Neptunes w/ Frank/ie Consent
6/4/19 Richmond VA @Circle Thrift w/ Frank/ie Consent and DSTNTHOUSES
6/3/19 Washington DC @Dwell w/ Frank/ie Consent and Saint Golder
6/1/19 Philadelphia @1530 w/ Frank/ie Consent

5/31/19 Brooklyn @The Glove w/ L’iat
3/31/19 Albany @Rice House
3/30/19 Kingston NY @Broadway Arts
3/29/19 Easthampton MA @Flywheel Arts w/ Otto B, Pussyheaven
3/24/19 Queens @H0l0 w/Frank/ie Consent, Massai, Letti…
3/23/19 Pittsburgh PA @Nettle Nest
3/22/19 Bloomington @The Shred
3/21/29 Knoxville TN @AOTA
3/20/19 Atlanta @Mother w/ Fit of Body,
3/19/19 Asheville NC @Think Pad w/Nostalganoid
3/18/19 Fairfax VA @Public Access
3/17/19 Washington DC @Dwell w/ Jimi Lucid
3/16/19 Baltimore @Trophy House
3/15/19 Philadelphia @The Parlor
3/14/19 Brooklyn* @Rubulaud w/Frank/ie Consent, Boiled Wool, Mr True Love…

3/12/19 Brooklyn @Brooklyn Bazar w/Reagan Holiday
2/27/19 Queens @Trans Pecos w/Thug…
2/15/19 Queens @h0l0 w/ Aqua Viva, Jazzboy…
2/20/19 Queens @h0l0 w/DJ pacifier...
1/26/19 Queens* @Flux Factory w/Anastasia Clark, Daniel Fishkin…


12/19/18 Queens @h0l0 w/ Grace Ives, Jack Whitescarver, Shallow Destiny
10/17/18 Brooklyn @The Glove w/ Calvin Johnson, Anna Altman, Kate Mohanty
10/01/18 Brooklyn @The Glove w/ Stress, PSSYHVN…
9/25/18 Brooklyn* @Secret Project Robot w/ Itchy Kisses, Brittany Tucker, Frank/ie…
9/12/18 Brooklyn @Alphaville w/Breathers, Sparkle Motion…
8/18/18 Manhattan @CANADA Gallery w/ Lily Lasher

7/12/18 Berlin GER @ Internet Explorer w/ WEEIRDOS
6/29/18 Mt. Pelion Greece @The cabin

Dynamic Listening Instrument’s First Outing w/ Cal Fish, Lily Lasher, + Extant
6/23/18 Manhattan @Governor’s Island w/ Lily Lasher, Patrice Scott, Otto Benson …
6/20/18 Brooklyn* @Flowers for all Occasions w/ Lily Lasher, Extant, Frank/ie Consent …
6/19/18 Tivoli NY @ Montgomery w/ Lily Lasher, Extant, Humors
6/18/18 Northampton MA @ Flywheel Arts w/ Lily Lasher, Extant, PUSSYVISSION …
6/16/18 Philadelphia @ Clearing w/Lily Lasher, Extant, Itchykisses, Ada Babar
6/15/18 Baltimore @Holy Underground w/ Lily Lasher, Extant, Alienood
6/14/18 Washington DC @Dwell w/ Lily Lasher, Extant

- 4/7/18 Tivoli NY* @Lamb House w/ Lily Lasher, The Cradle, Lily Konigsberg, Selena Rose
3/25/18 Queens @Trans Pecos w/Blue Jazz TV, Calvin LeCompte…
2/18/18 Brooklyn* @Secret Project Robot w/ Alexa West, Julia Santoli, Merrit Meachem…
2/17/18 Philadelphia @Planet Phitiness w/ DATA, apt complex, MS Saint, Ada Babar...
1/26/18 Boston @Trixie’s Palace w/ JOSS ...
1/9/18 Brooklyn @Polehaus w/ Fred Beans…
1/5/18 Brooklyn* STICKBUG PLANET @The Glove w/Jimi Lucid, Sibling, Mr. True Love...


12/29/17 Queens @Trans Pecos w/ Easy Socks, Earth Dad...
9/12/17 Brooklyn @Flowers for All Occasions w/ Woven in, Ursula Kennedy, Train Trash …
9/9/17 Tivoli* NY @Lamb House w/ the Spookfish, Anna Altman, Jack Whitescarver …
8/20/17 Brooklyn* @Bohemian Grove w/ Street Rat, Mezzanine Swimmers, Wilt, Jock Gang…
7/27/17 Berlin GER @Loophole w/ Broshuda, Jason Harvey, Baal + Mortimer …
4/27/17 Tivoli NY* @Lamb House w/ Breathers, The Cradle
4/15/17 Kingston NY @BSP Kingston w/ Ne-hi, Jouska
3/1/17 Brooklyn @Silent Barn w/ Blood Club, Spoil Ground, The Center
2/19/17 Bard College @Root Cellar w/ Thanks for Coming, Kolb …
2/16/17 Brooklyn @Flowers for all Occasions w/ Julia Santoli, Gem Trails, Kate Mohanty...
2/3/17 Cassette Traveler Record Release* Brooklyn @ The Glove w/ Blood Club, Sunk Heaven,
Kalliope P and Symara J, Lily and Horn Horse, Jimi Lucid, Jack Whitescarver, Watergh0st
1/17/17 Brooklyn* @Aviv w/ Lily Konigsberg, LUCY, DJ Kren, Amani Fela, Anna Altman


1/3/16 Brooklyn @Sunnyvale w/ DUH, Maria Takeuchi, What Nerve…
11/27/16 Tivoli NY* @Lamb House w/ Old Table, Lily Konigsberg, Justin Gomez, Raffi Kelly…
10/25/16 Bard College @Smog w/ Vinyl Williams, Sound of Ceres
8/17/16 Brooklyn* @the Glove w/ Jimi Lucid, Amani Fela, Bless, Atta Boi


6/28/15 Brooklyn @Bohemian Grove w/Blood Club, the Spookfish …
6/4/15 What’s Jood? Record release, Brooklyn @Living Gallery w/ The Cradle, Lily Konigsberg, Ani Blech, LGHQ
6/10/15 Mt3/6/15 Brooklyn @Palisades w/ Palm, Palberta, The Cradle
2/21/15 New Paltz NY @Team Love w/ Quarterbacks


11/20/14 Tivoli NY @the Rat Shack w/ Morus Alba, diplopia…
10/19/14 Brooklyn @McKibben Lofts w/ Haybaby, The Due Diligence…
7/18/14 Brooklyn @Radio Bushwick w/Frankie Cosmos, Infinity Shred, Big Neck Police...
7/6/14 Brooklyn @Muchmores w/Dabbler, Los Platanos, Tuna and the Wongs…
6/25/14 Brooklym @Palisades w/ Beverly, Grand Resort, Beiju,
6/14/14 Brooklyn @64 Jefferson w/ Vagabon


9/11/13 Brooklyn @Muchmores w/ Sunflower Bean

Girl in a jacket