Plastic Sound was a work of dance, sound, and sculpture developed by Cal and Lily Lasher and performed at CANADA Gallery at 
	 333 Broome st. Manhattan on August 18th, 2018.

	 Six flags constructed with plastic bags, 
	 each made of bags from a unique place,
	 each placed inside an induction loop holding recordings from that unique place.
	 A da loose score for movement and interaction score was created and followed by Lily and Cal.
	  National and sonic boundries between places are observed and then breached as induction loops are places over one another. 
	  Cal and Lily are sewn together and then torn apart. 
	  Buckets leave bags and distinct sound marks are overtaken by noise. 

	 Plastic flags and sound recordings were taken from Mexico City, Berlin, Mount Pelion Greece, London, Red Hook NY, 
	 and the Lower East Side NYC