"Spiralic Time"
Dynamic Listening Instrument Installation
@ Superplay, Desert Hot Springs California

Cal was invited to share an interactive audio installation and performance for Superplay's January 2023 gathering, Spiralic Time, in Desert Hot Springs California.
Cal spent a week in LA collecting audio in parks and homes around the city to be organized into the categories Spiral and Time.
This audio included unprecedented rain storms recorded in downtown LA, interviews with friends, and recordings from the site of Superplay.
The Dynamic Listening instrument was then used to allow the sounds to be interacted with in an electromagnetic venn-diagram.
Using a stuffed sounding snake sewn for the installation and a sounding yellow bucket Superplay participants could kinesthetically experience and recombine materials of a Spiral and Time soundtrack.


"gatherings for the collective.
SuperPlay is a stage we set for myth~makers, dream-weavers, and eternal students to converge in nature.
Each gathering is a portal through collective vulnerability into a space held for curiosity, play, and revolution.
A container for the communal aspects of generating a new earth - for the solitary aspects can get tiresome. "