Place Accumulation Spiral Score


Place Accumulation: Kingston/Ulster was a project in collecting and sharing a living archive of sound, found items and bureucratic 
documents, and sculpture in Kingston New York. The project was started with a spiral score inspired by by Anna and Lawrence 
Halprin's 1981 spiral score, "A Search for Living Myths". The score offers an origin point, various activities, and an endless 
trajectory. The score was developed as a tool for using the Dynamic Listening Instrument to make relationships between Public Space, 
Ecology, and Empathy audible and publicly accessible. Ideally, continually engaging with this community and these dynamics would 
lead towards realizations of commons, defined by Claire Pentecost as, "The organic, open, and democratic elsewhere of neoliberalism. 
Recognition of a common fate shared with all life on earth.""

Once the Place Accumulation score began to be followed, three trajectories arose that could be traced by color in the After-Score 
above, and the installation of all archival materials at UBS in Red Hook NY on May 5th 2018.

These trajectories were sparked by Green) a group of Kingston Citizens engaging and voicing oppoistion to a proposed initiative by
 the company Glidepath to build a fossil fuel burning power plant in the backyards of Town of Ulster Residents... Blue) A series of 
 police-community relations forums at city hall... and Red) a demonstration held by Citizen Action outside then republican 
 congressman John Faso's office to advocate for DACA recipients and undocumented members of the community.

After attending many public events and forums, recording interviews, holding public interactive sound installations and workshops, 
getting to know places and community members, a sonic archive of 21 hours and 53 minutes and many physical materials was accumulated 
and shared. 

In part this was an effort in occupying and creating social feedback in public and semi-public places using sound and sculpture, and 
enabling sonic exchanges through unique positioning and intention, both requiring close collaboration and unknown amounts of time.

Intention Map

The Dynamic Listening Instrument Jr.

Girl in a jacket
Maddie Buzzbee in archive installation at UBS. Physical materials are shown on treated cardboard and video while sounds are 
accessible via the Dynamic Listening Instrument Jr.

Echo Installation at Broadway Arts

Echo Installation at Peace Park

A musical action at John Faso's office on Tax day to illustrate the large percent of taxes which go to the U.S. Military.