Sound has been the glue and spark for almost all of Cal's projects and collaborations.
This page will reference and share materials from some of those projects with more to be added over time...

Anthroapology Soundcast is a bi-weekly and randomly sorted radio show on Newtown Radio in Brooklyn NY. A dormant version of the show
called Anthroapology extension aired on Radio Bonita at Performance Space New York.
The show shares performances, music, art, interviews and conversations from people working in and traveling through New York.
You can follow updates on the show on instagram at @anthroapology.sound or on

Listen to past shows and view archived material HERE ! :)

The Dynamic Listening Instrument is a modular interactive sound sculpture and listening tool.
The D.L.I. allows a collection of audio do be handled kinesthetically using buckets and pillows
outfitted with EMF Coils and Speakers. In installations and performances users are invited to
navigate a large venn-diagram of electromagnetic fields holding latent fragemtns of audio archives assembled by Cal.

D.L.I. Demos...


Mespaetches Creek Dynamic Listening Fall 2023

"Ruin" at the PMA

Spiralic Time


Three Body Problem


Pre York River: Haverstraw


Set for Governor's Island

Place Accumulation: Kingston/Ulster

Plastic Sound





Pre York River: Brooklyn Pipe Map


Blossom Sustainable Development
Shinnecock Reservation Canoe Tour Interactive Map

One Landscape East End Interactive Sound Map

DC Unseen Mobile Version